Music Video Reflection

The only requirements for our music video were to make some sort of video that somewhat made sense to the song playing. The task seemed simple enough. The  story board was already basically written for you. This seemed like a huge advantage, but it was my biggest struggle. In my mind i needed to  match each scene to the words in the song. This was not necessarily what was supposed to happen but I couldn’t understand that.

Although I took my sweet time to finish this music video I still experienced the increase in difficulty. This video was far more shots than any other video. In my OCD manner the shots needed to match up perfectly with the music. They also needed to flow together much more smoothly than other videos since the video was telling a story. The story board of this video was essentially written for me. Some people might think this makes the filming easier. For me this was a more difficult to film because i couldn’t change the video however i liked. The video had to be a story to match the music.

I was stuck on that idea until I received some advice from my teacher. He explained to me that most music videos have random shots that flow with the video. The shots do not have to do exactly what the music is saying. This was a break through for me. With the advice I was able to finish my video. I took some shots around the  city that I thought looked pretty interesting. They added some contrast to my video and helped me to make it more interesting.

The task of making a music video can seem extremely easy but this put it in to perspective how difficult video editing could be. Below is my attempt at a music video:


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