Shots Reflection

There are 7 different shots, varying on their distance from the subject being shot. There are also 3 different angles that these can all be shot from. This adds up to a good amount of shots that can be used in anything from a Hollywood movie to a simple video anyone could make. The 7 shots are: Extreme Wide Shot, Very Wide Shot, Wide Shot, Mid-Shot, Mid-Close Up, Close Up, and Extreme Close up. The latter are listed in order from furthest distance to closest up. All of these shots can be shot straight on, but they can also be shot from the 3 different angles: Birds Eye, Worms Eye, and Leading. All of these different shots have different purposes and are for certain situations. For example an Extreme Wide Shot may be used to show the setting of a scene or an Extreme Close Up can be used to show either emotion or detail of an object/person. It is very necessary to know these shots and when to use them but there are many other things that go into the planning and production of filming.

The first step to making a video is to brainstorm and to story board. Brainstorming is the same here as in any other situation, just let the ideas flow until you come across the golden one. Once you have generated your idea it is time to story board. This is basically planning what you or the subjects in your video will be doing. Here you write the dialogue for the video as well as the types of shots and actions in your video. This part is essential to making a good video. It is very obvious to tell when there was no planning prior to shooting. Story boards do not have to go into very large detail, but they should explain the over all idea.

Filming is probably something everyone has done once in their life. It is a little more difficult when you involve the 7 shots. These are all based off of your subject. These can appear very different for different videos. For me this was the most difficult part. Not only is it difficult to determine where to shoot from but it is also somewhat difficult to keep a shot straight. There are tools that exist to help make this easier, but my first time this was quite difficult.

Below is my shots video:


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