Instructional Video Reflection

Filming an instructional video allowed me to see the difficulty in using the 7 shots along with a concept for a video. It was easy when we made a video simply explaining what the 7 shots were, but applying them to a video is not nearly as simple. The video must use the 7 shots in order to hold the viewers attention. It adds an element of interest when certain shots help explain things like emotion or setting. Without the shots the video becomes dull and boring. The different shots keep the video from being a monotonous flow of dialogue.

While filming this video I learned the true importance of story boarding. Our video strayed from the story we had originally set. During filming it didn’t seem like that was a big issue but when it got time to edit we saw the issues that could come up. Since the video and order had changed it was difficult to know where everything went. Our shots made sense but were clearly not as thought out as they should’ve been. It is really important to stick to the written story board or re-write one if you decide to change your ideas. The story board will really set up the video for failure or success.

This video was more fun to film than the shots video because the scene had more story behind them and more going on. It was interesting getting the actors to do what we had in our minds. We realized that the exact image you have in your mind cannot exactly be transferred into the video. It is difficult to capture exactly what you would like to with the basic tools we have. Filming this video gave me more experience in filming and was a good opportunity to practice.

Below is the instructional video that I made:


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