Group Presentation

The first Prezi that i made was an introduction to Multimedia. This Prezi was a group project where 3 group members worked collaboratively on the Prezi.  We covered all the different programs that will be used throughout our class. There were six main categories including: Presentation software, audio editing, video editing, image creating and editing, 2D and 3D motion graphics and special effects, and 3D graphics and animation. Each category was split into sub-categories describing the programs that carry out these functions in detail. This Prezi helped everyone understand each program in a creative way and also understand what will be happening throughout the class.

From working on this project I learned what is unique about Prezi. Prezi is a presentation program that allows a group to work on the project at the same time. This is unique in that many other programs do no have the same feature. This feature allows the group to complete a task much quicker and productively than a normal presentation program . Prezi is also unique because there is a 3D effect to the presentation. The presentation has depth and goes throughout the page traveling and offering a more appealing aspect to the presentation. These are two of the most unique features of Prezi and together they make a presentation much more interesting than just sliding from slide to slide.  Below is the link to where i worked on my first Prezi.

My Prezi

Cole’s Page

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