Video Editing

Adobe Premier is the only video editing program I have ever used. Surprisingly it is a very user-friendly program. There are some parts that take explanation or video tutorials but for the most part is does exactly what it says it does. When you first open the program it is somewhat intimidating. For someone new to this program and these type of programs there is just a lot of boxes that really have no meaning. At first it may seem that way but after figuring out what goes where it is quite simple.

There are basically four main parts. There is the video screen where you can see all the work you have done or are doing. Underneath this screen is the timeline. This is where you drop in all the pictures and audio. They will show up as little purple boxes for the pictures and green boxes for the music. The boxes are easy to move around and rearrange. To the left of the timeline there is another box with multiple drop down titles, the main things that will be used out of here (for a basic video) are video and audio transitions and effects. The easiest way to figure all of these out is to just try all of them and see what they do. Above these is where you will drop in all the pictures and audio that you will  need. Different bins can be made here to organize and sort the media. This will make is easier when looking for what goes next. These are each very simple and together can make great videos.

I really enjoyed using Adobe Premier. At some points it was really frustrating, either because i couldn’t figure out what I was doing or didn’t know what to do next. Overall this program was very useful and made an interesting video. I like all the different transitions available and how easy it was to apply them to the media. I expected this program to be much more difficult to use than it was. After making two videos with this program I feel quite comfortable using it.

One of the main down falls of Adobe Premier is that it is extremely expensive. I would love to be able to use this program at home, but I would never buy it because of the cost. Considering who uses this program the cost does make sense, if you have a good program sell it for all it’s worth. To me it isn’t worth it to buy a program this expensive. To someone else it may be exactly what they need to make their business work. The necessity is based on the person but to me it is way too much to every think about buying it.

Below is a picture project I made using Adobe Premier

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