Hardware/Software Prezi

This Prezi covered the different parts of  a computer. In a broad spectrum this is the hardware and software. The Prezi breaks computers down into the two sections. Each of the sections goes into further depth describing how they work together to allow the computer to function as a whole. Below is a brief description of what the Prezi covers.

Hardware and Software each  break down into separate sub-categories. Hard has three main parts: CPU, Input, and Output. These are the tangible parts of the computer. The CPU also breaks down into four other parts the motherboard, hard drive, RAM, and the processor. These all connect the computer and carry out the functions of the computer. The input output are also there to carry out the functions of the computer.

The other half of the computer is software. There are two types of software, operating software and application software. Operation software is the software that allows the computer to complete any functions even those as simple as turning the computer on. Without this software the computer would not be able to do anything. The application software encompasses all the programs that could ever be used on a computer. These include all applications from games like solitaire to the necessary programs like a word processor.

Hardware/Software Prezi

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