Pixlr is an free online image editing tool. This site is very user friendly and even has different levels for editing, depending on what you want to do. For being free and so easy to use this picture editor is outstanding. There are regular editing options and the option to make and edit picture collages. This site is very useful for basic picture editing.

After using this site to edit pictures I was very pleased. This site is not hard to operate and all the different editing options make it interesting. It is easy to undo a single changes that have been made to a picture or start back from the beginning. There are three different editing options Editor (advanced), Express (intermediate),and O-matic (basic.) This makes the site more compatible for everyone, not holding anyone back or confusing anyone. I chose Express and found it very useful and not too complicated.

Below are 3 basic pictures I edited using the site and one collage also made with Pixlr.




puppies collage

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